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5 Best Never-Out-of-Meta Healer Supports in Wild Rift

Oftentimes when you’re looking for an exceptional support champion you’re ultimately looking for a healer. And as is the case in League of Legends, in Wild Rift healing supports are also invaluable members of every team.

For starters, if you can heal an ally, you essentially reverse the damage your enemies have done.

And if you can do that consistently with potent heals, you can make the offensive that the enemy team puts out absolutely futile.

Well, here I’ll list the 5 best healing supports in Wild Rift so you can do the same in your games. All of these champions can help you get your allies to the enemy Nexus, so make sure to give them a try.

1. Soraka


Soraka is the best among the healer champions in the entire League of Legends, both on the PC version as well as here. She has stronger heals than all other champions, so she’s the go-to pick for the job.

As Soraka, you actually get to heal with two abilities. 

First, Astral Infusion is available from level 1 and it heals only allied champions at the cost of your own health.

It should be utilized simultaneously with Starcall so you could constantly heal yourself and transfer the health to your damaged ally.

And second, Soraka’s ultimate, Wish, is a global ultimate that heals all of your teammates at once.

This is a more powerful heal than Astral Infusion and it doesn’t consume Soraka’s health. Plus, it heals even more if your target has low HP.

Soraka Wish in Wild Rift

Soraka goes well with multiple supports and there’s really no bad time for playing her. Everybody can use her help, so she’s a great pick overall.

Helpful tips:

  • Make sure to hit Soraka’s Starcall consistently and heal yourself so you can keep on healing your allies.
  • Use Wish when your allies are on low health to increase the healing even more.

2. Nami


In my opinion, Nami is the second-best healer in Wild Rift and there’s a pretty clear reason for it.

Nami’s only healing spell is Ebb and Flow. When activated, it produces a wave that jumps from Nami’s target to an enemy champion (if there is one in range).

The wave heals the allied target but it damages the enemy, which works fantastically well in all situations.

In other words, Nami can damage and heal simultaneously with one spell. The healing part of the ability is really potent and can often restore 30% of the target’s HP.

The damaging part is decent, but don’t expect it to one-shot the enemy champion.

Nami Heal in Wild Rift

Combined with the rest of her kit, Nami’s healing functions perfectly. It can enable more than a dozen champions to carry, so I’d recommend you give Nami a try.

Helpful tips:

  • Always try to double the effectiveness of Nami’s Ebb and Flow by using it for both healing and damage.
  • Position yourself closer to an enemy champion before using the heal.

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3. Yuumi


Yuumi is everyone’s least and most favorite cat in League of Legends. She can be really annoying to play against but she’s definitely a powerful champion to have on your team.

Yuumi’s healing comes from her Zoomies. With it, Yuumi can either heal herself (when she’s unattached) or heal an ally (when she’s attached to one).

The amount of healing Yuumi can do with this ability is sometimes unbelievable, especially when she’s with a good carry champion.

The cool thing about Yuumi’s Zoomies is that it also grants bonus movement speed to the target.

Because of this, Yuumi’s partners can easily dodge attacks or escape the enemy, so it’s a great way to prevent damage as well.

Yuumi Heal in Wild Rift

And the difficult thing about playing against Yuumi is that you can’t really stop her from healing her allies when she’s attached to them.

She can build AP items and buff her healing potential significantly, so she’s an extremely efficient healer in Wild Rift.

Helpful tips:

  • Build more AP items to increase the potency of your Zoomies.
  • Be careful about enemy CC when detaching from your allies.

4. Sona


Sona is probably the easiest healer you can play in Wild Rift. She has simple a set of abilities that are easy to learn, so you can master her in no time.

Sona’s healing spell is Aria of Perseverance. When you activate it, it heals you plus the most damaged ally next to you.

This ability also casts a shield on all allies, regardless if they’re damaged or not.

So, Sona’s effectiveness as a support is always respected. And since she can shield multiple teammates at once, she’s a powerful pick for teamfights.

Not to mention that she can increase their damage and stun multiple enemies with her ultimate.

Sona Heal in Wild Rift

Sona’s healing plays a huge role in her own safety and her duo lane partner early on. Aria of Perseverance has a very short cooldown and you can practically spam it all day long.

And it’s healing is decent too.

Helpful tips:

  • Use Sona’s Aria of Perseverance both to block damage and to restore the damage done.
  • Build mana items like Archangel’s Staff so you can spam Sona’s healing all game long.

5. Janna


And finally, we have Janna. The tricky thing about Janna is that she’s often seen more as a shielding support than an actual healer.

And that’s because her shield is available from level 1 and her healing comes from her ultimate.

However, Janna’s ultimate is the most potent AoE healing in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

When you tap this spell, it pushes away all enemy champions away from Janna while she’s channeling and healing all teammates around her.

If Janna isn’t stopped during this time, she can effectively top the health bars of all of her allies. This is especially true when she’s ahead or her items give her lots of bonus AP.

Janna Heal in Wild Rift

When Janna’s Monsoon is on cooldown, she can continue shielding her team and protect them from taking damage.

Helpful tips:

  • Make sure enemy players can’t interrupt you while using Monsoon.
  • Use Monsoon to stop enemy champions from doing damage to your teammates and heal them instead.


Every healer support in Wild Rift has its strengths and weaknesses and can be particularly useful in certain scenarios.

I’d recommend you give them all a try and figure out what works best for you.

If you don’t want to do that, I’d honestly recommend you Sona simply because of how chill the gameplay is with her. And if you want to best possible healing in the game, go for Soraka!

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