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5 Best Never-Out-of-Meta Tank Supports in Wild Rift

Picking a tank is almost never a bad decision in League of Legends: Wild Rift. 

Especially as a support player, you’re often expected to bring the utility that these champions offer. Even more so when you’re team is without any tanks and it’s down to you to play one.

Fortunately, tank supports are a great way to win the dragon lane and carry teamfights. They provide protection, crowd control, and engage.

And if you’re the type of player that likes to be the initiator and playmaker of the team, then you should definitely play one.

Here are my recommendations for the best tank supports in Wild Rift.

1. Alistar


Alistar is a staple support both in the PC version of League of Legends and in Wild Rift. He’s a go-to pick for players that like to be the frontline of their teams and absorb as much damage as possible.

Alistar is nothing but a tank. Yes, his abilities do magic damage and scale with ability power but you almost never want to go for a full AP build in Wild Rift. And as far as tank items go, there are plenty to choose from.

What I personally like about Alistar is that he’s great against poke dragon lane duos.

For example, you can have Karma and Caitlyn on the opposite side, and thanks to Alistar’s passive, you’ll be able to heal some of the damage they do to you and your partner.

Alistar’s Headbutt + Pulverize combo is ideal for setting up kills throughout the game. It allows you to play aggressively and dictate the flow of the game. 

And if things go south, you have Alistar’s Unbreakable which allows you to cleanse all crowd control and gain damage reduction. And this ultimately makes Alistar the best tank support in the game.

Must-have Tank Items for Alistar

There are two key tank items you want to get in every game as Alistar.

The first is Dead Man’s Plate which increases your armor, health, and movement speed. It also improves your combo because it gives you more damage when you first engage.

And the second is Warmog’s Armor which is basically the best item for stacking as much bonus health as possible. It also gives you health regeneration, so it’s an awesome item to have.

2. Thresh


Thresh is an excellent catcher support, perfect for players that like the proactive playstyle.

In the dragon lane, Thresh is responsible for securing minions for his partners but also catching enemies with his Death Sentence.

The hook is a powerful engage tool because it also allows Thresh to go in and apply even more CC with Flay and The Box.

Thresh usually goes well with marksmen that can instantly follow up on his engage and are always ready to deal damage. A good example here is Samira as well as Tristana.

Although he’s ranged, Thresh always builds tanky.

Depending on the team comp you’re up against, there are many different items you need to prioritize. But no matter whether you need to optimize against physical or magic damage, Thresh can do it all.

Must-have Tank Items for Thresh

If the enemy team is mixed and neither physical nor magic damage is dominant, the three items you need on Thresh are Dead Man’s Plate, Thornmail, and Force of Nature.

Dead Man’s Plate synergizes with Thresh’s Flay and it’s a great tank item overall. Thornmail helps you lower the healing on the enemy team.

And Force of Nature is just a fantastic item to have against magic damage dealers in Wild Rift.

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3. Braum


Braum is one of my favorite supports in this game and he’s definitely my comfort pick for the duo lane. He’s pretty effective against most types of champions and he also goes well with most marksmen.

The first thing that makes Braum one of the best tanks and supports in Wild Rift is his Unbreakable shield. When raised, it blocks most of your enemy’s attacks and abilities, so it’s excellent for protecting your allies.

But Braum is also good at applying CC, both through his ultimate and his passive. He’s able to knock up multiple enemies and stun a few more, so you can always help your teammates avoid damage in fights.

Braum’s damage is not really impressive and you almost never want to build AP items. Instead, the optimal way is to go full tank, stack as much health, armor, and magic resist as possible, and provide help where it’s needed.

Must-have Tank Items for Braum

If the enemy team has more physical damage champions, the two key items for Braum are Thornmail and Randuin’s Omen.

Both items work great against AD even help you combat healing and lower the attack speed of your enemies.

And if your enemies are primarily magic damage dealers, then items like Spirit Visage should keep you tanky enough.

4. Leona


Leona is the most aggressive tank support you can play in Wild Rift. I love how powerful she is from level 1 when you engage the enemy dragon lane by going in with Zenith Blade.

On level 2, Leona is even stronger because she can also apply a stun with her Shield of Daybreak. Both abilities have low cooldowns and Leona can absolutely annoy the enemy team all day long.

What makes Leona a tanky champion is her Eclipse. When activated, it grants Leona bonus armor and magic resist which directly reduces the damage she takes from all attacks.

Eclipse can even explode and deal AoE magic damage which is definitely useful when you dive deep.

And if you choose to max out Eclipse first, you’re going to make Leona an unkillable support!

Not to mention that Leona can even stun multiple enemies with her ultimate and stop them from attacking her and her teammates.

Must-have Tank Items for Leona

For Leona, you definitely want to get Dead Man’s Plate as soon as possible. The extra armor and health will give you so much freedom in fights. But the item’s passive also synergizes with Leona’s stun which is really nice.

And in the late game, you want to get Gargoyle for the shield it provides. It’s really useful, especially when you have already stacked maximum health.

5. Rakan


Rakan is the perfect combination of an enchanter and a tank support in LoL Wild Rift. He’s essentially an enchanter that can build full tank, so you get the best of both worlds.

Since Rakan is a very mobile champion, his playstyle allows him to play aggressively but to also have safety insurance. In other words, Rakan can go in and knock up the enemy duo with Grand Entrance and quickly escape with Battle Dance.

Rakan’s defensiveness is on the same level as many tanks in the game and he’s very durable in fights.

The fact that he can AoE charm the enemy team with his ultimate allows him to dodge big portions of damage and stay alive even if his items aren’t all tanky.

Rakan can also heal and shield his dragon lane ally, so many consider him a perfect support pick. Personally, I love Rakan’s playmaking aspect and would recommend you to try him as a full tank.

Must-have Tank Items for Rakan

Unlike the rest of the tank supports on this list, Rakan usually prefers AP items. Even so, the core item for him is Rod of Ages.

Besides ability power and mana, it also grants health which makes Rakan tankier than most champions.

However, you should also buy Warmog’s Armor to increase your health even more, especially in the late game.


Playing tank supports can give you lots of free wins in Wild Rift. They allow you to play very aggressively and not worry about your health at all times.

With a tank support, you can go in and set up the stage for your team so they can carry you to the enemy Nexus.

And these 5 picks are the best ones to do it with!

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